How to sharpen ice skates - ice skates

How to sharpen ice skates - ice skates
After the skates are used for a long time, the blade will be smooth and blunt, and the ice will not be caught. At this time, you need a sharpening knife to sharpen the knife.
      So how do you judge whether the skate shoes should be sharpened?
      With the shoe mouth facing down, the ice knife is facing up. Use your thumb at the blade of the ice knife, from top to bottom, gently licking a few times. If the blade is already sleek, it means: The knife is sharpened.
      Note: When using the thumb to lick the ice skate, be sure not to squat back and forth, and do not use too much force. Otherwise, it will hurt your fingers. It should be: from top to bottom, then from top to bottom.

Here's how to sharpen the knife:
 (1) Items to be prepared
1. One speed skating tool holder.
2, oil stone (use the oil to bubble the best) thick, thin piece
3, a pot of oil
4. A piece of rag.
(2) Procedure for grinding speed skating knives
1. Check the arc of the ice knife: the two blades are opposite, check whether the position of the two blades is reasonable. Generally, the front knife holder is in contact with the knife holder, and the gap between the two ends is relatively reasonable.
2. Install the knife holder on the platform smoothly, and tighten it evenly, and fix the ice knife on the knife holder. Install the skates on the knife holder.
3, find a "flat" with a rib of fine stone. Gently grind it laterally at the front, middle and back of the ice skate, then check the apricot for scratches. Adjust the horizontal position of the ice blade by scratches. If the inner edge of the ice skate is scratched, the inner edge is higher than the outer edge, and the inner side of the shoe can be tapped lightly with one end of the oil stone. Otherwise, tap the outer edge and repeat the operation. Until the wear scar of the oil stone is more evenly left in all positions of the full blade, the outer edge of the ice skate used by the beginner can be slightly higher, because the beginner uses the inner blade to slide the blade for a long time and the inner blade wears more, so the outside The blade is higher.
4, the grinding method generally has "slash" grinding, "small circle" grinding, "8" word grinding three grinding methods. Several methods can be used in combination, but in either case, the grinding position should be changed continuously, unless in the "1", it is necessary to check whether the ice knife is high or low, and the grinding should be uniform. In the use of oil stone, it is generally first ground with coarse oil stone. When there is a uniform "burr" on the vertical surface of the blade, the fine stone is used instead. The fine oil stone is used to leave the coarse oil stone on the cutting edge and the wear marks are worn away.
5, hit the "burr" with a thin plane of fine stone, close to the blade of the ice knife, using sanding until the "burr" can not be touched. This process requires care and patience. If you don't pay attention, the hard-working blade will be "destroyed once". So be extra careful at this time. After the "burr" is broken, it should be said that the ice skate is basically completed, but for the person who is pursuing perfection, another process can be added, that is, a thicker paper is placed on the ice blade, and the paper is polished with fine stone. So you will find that the blade is as bright as a mirror.
At this point, you can remove the ice skates, wipe the ice skates with a rag and place them in a safe place.
Immediately after the ice is iced, wipe the ice knife with a rag (not using an oil rag), so as not to damage the ice knives on the ice knives. If you love skating, you may wish to try your own ice skates and the ice skates that others have given you. The feeling of skating is definitely different.

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