About us

  Dongguan Anyikang Technology Co., Ltd.'s main products include all kinds of machinery and fabrics and non-woven fabrics, skate shoes, roller skates, of which skate shoes include: short track speed skate shoes, high speed skate shoes, ball skate shoes , Fancy skates. The roller skates include: inline speed roller skates, traditional double-row roller skates, and smooth roller skates. Professional OEM production for 20 years, can meet the needs of high-end customers.
     For twenty years, we have always explored and discovered customer needs from the perspective of customers and from a more appropriate and professional perspective. Therefore, the design and development of a new generation of products aims to provide better services to customers. In the end adhere to the customer-based business philosophy. Relying on users and serving users are our strategies to meet road challenges and expand power sources.

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Sample room

Sewing workshop

Molding workshop

Assembly workshop

Laser cutting machine

(for small batch order material cutting)

Hand-formed workbench

(For carbon fiber shoes small batch production)

Cutting machine

(Suitable for high volume truncation)




Along the way, I am grateful. We always stand together to create and share together. Cooperation and win-win is our eternal concept.
     Along the way, constantly looking forward, hoping that the unique brand culture can add more glory to the lives of customers and inject more vitality into the prosperity of society.